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Level 2 Calligraphy

Level 2 Calligraphy is elegant, classy and striking. Wow your guests at your next event with Dip Ink Calligraphy.
I offer this calligraphy in standard colors: White, Gold, Silver, Black, Brown, Purple, Blue/Navy, Green, Red, and Pink. If you need a specific color matched to your invitations, that is available for $10.00 extra.

Please check my Etsy shop for current pricing. Pricing is subject to change*

Pricing includes the following: -time spent corresponding with you regarding your invitation calligraphy -supplies (such as ink, pen nibs, ink wells, and the paper for printing lists)
-color mixing (even for standard colors)
-the writing of your envelopes with the dip pen
-ensuring they are spaced out and have ample time to dry
-ensuring envelopes are in order of the list you sent
-packaging envelopes carefully and mailing

Extra charges may include:
-Color matching ($10.00)
-Special Requests
-Expedited Shipping
-RUSH Orders

I mainly do the 3 styles in Level 2 Calligraphy. 1. The Standard: (Fancy) Copperplate
2. The Swirly Sideways font (can be done straight as well)
3. The lowercase scripted font

However, I can match to the best of my ability the font on your invitations if you would like. Please contact me about that if you are interested in font matching.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding the pricing, if you would like a quote, or if you have any special needs/requests.

You can see my different Level 2 Calligraphy styles and Fonts in my Etsy Shop here:
Level 2 Styles

Thank you!